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주사 전자 현미경 EM-30AX (Scanning Electron Microscopy)
· 특징 :
1. SEM-EDS 일체형 모델

2. 사용하기 쉬운 인터페이스

3. 완벽한 수준의 오토 기능

- 샘플스테이지 Full Auto 사용
- 높은 수준의 Auto Focus / Contarst / Brightness / Gun Alignment 기능 제공

4. 최대 넓이 70mm, 높이 45mm 의 시료 측정이 가능한 큰 챔버.

5. 최대 x100,000배 까지 촬영 가능.

6. 시료 교체 시간 2분 이내의 빠른 교체 가능.




The EM-30AX, which can implement Electron microscopy and Elemental analysis functions in any small space at the same time, released from the joint development by Thermo Fisher and COXEM, provide convenient features and high reliability. In addition, as an integrated device, the equipment can be used at a lower cost than the separately purchased products.
1. SEM-EDS 일체형 모델 (All-in-one Model of SEM-EDS)
2. 사용하기 쉬운 인터페이스 (Interface easily controllerd)
3. 완벽한 수준의 오토 기능 (Auto Function perfectly operated)
 - 샘플 스테이지 Full Auto  사용 (Full Auto Function for Sample stage)
 - 높은 수준의 Auto Focus/Contarst/Brightness/Gun Alignment 기능 제공
    (High functions about Auto Focus, Contrast, Brightness, Gun Alignment)
4. 최대 넓이 70mm, 높이 45mm의 시료측정이 가능한 큰 챔버
    (Large Chamber accommodate up to 70mm(W) * 45mm(H) size
5. 최대 x100,000배 까지 촬영가능 (Magnification of x100,000 maximum)
6. 시료 교체시간 2분 이내의 빠른 교체가능 (Quick replacement of sample in 2 min)
x20 ~ x100,000 (Effective :~ x50,000)
Accelerating Voltage
1kV to 30kV
Electron Gun
Tungsten Filament(w)
SE Detector (Optional : BSE)
X: 35mm (Motorized),Y: 35mm (Motorized)
T: 0 to 45˚ (Motorized),R: 360˚ ,Z: 5 to 50mm
Maximum Sample Size 
45mm (H),60mm (Diameter)
Image Mode(pixel)
· RDE (320x240), TV (640x480), Slow (800x600)
· Photo (1280x960, 2560x1920, 5120x3840) 
Frame Rate
· RDE (MAX. 30 frames/sec)
· TV (MAX. 10 frames/sec)
· Slow (MAX. 2 frames/sec) 
Vacuum System
Turbo Molecular Pump (Less than 3min)
Auto Functions
Focus, Contrast, Brightness, Filament, Start
· Windows7
 Detection Element
C(6) to U(92) element
EDS Resolution
133eV resolution at 5.89KeV Mn. 80eV fluorine
400 (W) x 600(L) x 550 (H)mm,95kg

EDS  Specification
Count Per Second
Up to 1,000,000 X-ray input counts per second
S/W Funtion
Up to 300,000 stored X-ray input count per second
Automatic peak identification
Automatic and standardless quantitative
Analysis using filtered least squares fit project based data storage
One click reports to printer, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint if available
Point and Shoot X-ray acquisition with single
Point or Rectangle analysis
Spectral Imaging termination criteria based on time or statistics
Dynamic display of elemental maps
Qualitaiνe map extraction with unlimited image overlap
Qualitaive Linescan Extractions with elemental image
Spectral Extractions using point, rectangle, circle, Magic Wand, and 
polygonal shapes
Linescan plot overlays on electron image